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Cardiff Medics win NAMS 2023

Cardiff Medics win NAMS 2023

Monty Heath5 Jun 2023 - 20:57
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Both of our teams won the creme de la creme of University rugby: NAMS

It was early on the 25th March 2023 when our two teams and there strong contingent of supporters departed Cardiff towards the other capital city, London. It was the day the year had built up two and our in-form sides were ready to take their year to the next level. We started with the 2s game against Nottingham 2s, who had just snatched the trophy from us last year. No bother though, the power of Cardiff showed and points were quickly racked up on the board and they kept coming. The slick passing of the backs and the energy from the forwards really put together a dominant performance ending 31-12. Those 12 points were of course the only points conceded by the twos over the entire NAMS campaign.

There was a gap in between our 1s and 2s game filled by the first ever women's NAMS final, which shows the strength of our sport and women's rugby in particular. On to the 1s final then, also against Nottingham creating some sort of theme of the day which continued. The 1s game was a much tighter affair with lots of back and forth between the sides. It was a physical battle which saw us close out the game in the last 10 minutes to really secure the title. It was clear that we had come with a purpose to take back control of the NAMS trophy. The final score for the 1s was 22-12 which I think summarises the match well, as tight and difficult but the rightful victors came out on top.

It is also important to mention the strength of our support network from the old boys to the freshers. Everyone brought their A game when it came to making noise and getting behind our lads. Dave's trumpet of course being a key player in said noise. But this tight-knit community we have created is what makes our club so special and allows our teams to be the best.
1s NAMS = Won
2s NAMS = Won
NAMS 7s = Won
1s League = Won
Bed Pan Trophy (Vs London United Hospitals) = Won
Ted Senior Cup (Medics Varsity vs Bristol) = Won
Completed it mate


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