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The Meds meet Jonathan on S4C

The Meds meet Jonathan on S4C

Monty Heath7 Feb - 14:03
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A very special evening meeting, Jonathan Davies, Nigel Owens and Sarra Elgan.

Last night Cardiff Medics RFC had a very enjoyable evening down at the Bay. The boys were invited to be the live audience on the Jonathan show on S4C. The boys were active participants in the show and got very involved. Of course the boys were repping the famous Cardiff Meds playing shirts and social jerseys. The boys watched Jonathan Davies lead the conversation on the opening round of the Six Nations and the of course the big one that is coming up, being the England VS Wales game this weekend. The boys were able to meet all of the guests at the end of the night and getting a picture with them. One of which (Nigel Owens) even reposted on his social media so Cardiff Medics went viral of course. It was a great evening by all accounts and it was an absolute pleasure to have been invited onto the show. Thank you to Jonathan, Nigel and Sarra and of course S4C for making this all happen. Great memories were made for many of the boys.
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